Spotlight – snoot base and projection lenses


Snoot base and projection lenses 50, 85 i 150 mm

GlareOne Spotlight – snoot base and projection lenses

The snoot base and projection lenses are products that were created in collaboration with Piotr Werner – a long-time ambassador of the GlareOne brand. Piotr Werner creates images that have a lot of character and enjoys playing with light. GlareOne Spotlight – light modifier body and projection lenses in 50, 85, and 150 mm allow for experimenting with light and achieving interesting effects in photos.

The snoot base is compatible with GlareOne lenses in 50, 85, and 150 mm. It has shutters to shape the light beam and the ability to mount Gobo masks. It is made of metal and allows for the use of flash lamps up to 600 Ws or LED lamps with a power of up to 200 watts.

GlareOne Lenses

The lenses in the GlareOne offer are six-element apochromatic lenses with focal lengths of 50mm, 85mm, and 150mm. They allow for obtaining very sharp edges of light and shadow. This is extremely important if you want to have full control over the lighting on the set. Additionally, the lenses are designed to minimize chromatic aberration, which can cause color distortions.

Experiment with light

There are many possibilities for experimenting with light with the Spotlight snoot base and projection lenses. The snoot base is equipped with a set of four shutters, which can be used to shape the light beam projected by the lens in such a way as to precisely illuminate only selected parts of photographed or filmed objects. The shutters can be used independently of the lens used.

The Spotlight is also equipped with a holder for effect masks (so-called gobos), which allow, for example, to imitate light passing through window blinds or display various patterns and shapes. GlareOne offers 3 different sets of Gobo masks.

On the other hand, the lens set includes a set of five basic color filters and a specially designed holder for them, allowing them to be mounted on the front of the lens. This solution allows the filters to be used seamlessly with the shutters and effect masks.


The snoot base comes with a Bowens-type bayonet as standard, but it is possible to replace it. GlareOne offers compatible bayonets from Profoto, Broncolor, and Elinchrom from the 152 series.

GlareOne lenses have an EF bayonet and are compatible with the GlareOne Spotlight light modifier body.

Features of the snoot base:

  • The snoot base has a bayonet for mounting Canon EF lenses.
  • Equipped with four shutters allowing precise shaping of the light beam.
  • Factory-equipped with a Bowens-type holder, which can be replaced with mounts for Profoto, Broncolor, or Elinchrom lamps (bayonets are available separately).
  • Intended for use with flash lamps (up to 600Ws) and LED continuous light lamps (up to 200 W)*.

Features of projection lenses:

  • Apochromatic lenses in 50mm, 85mm, or 150mm.
  • Minimal chromatic aberration and high sharpness.
  • Supplied with five color filters and holder.
  • Case included with the lens set.
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