About us

In photography and film, light plays the main role, it allows you to paint pictures that delight and shape the world anew. In the studio, to get a really good effect and effectively influence the lighting to shape the reality, we need accessories that are reliable, solid, made of good materials, but above all quality. What is important here is the attention to detail, because in fact, details determine the final result.


GlareOne brand was created in response to the market demand for studio accessories, which at an affordable price can also offer the right quality.


Thanks to the vast experience in the lighting accessories industry, the people responsible for creating the brand, managed to select products that meet both main brand criteria.


Wishing to expand the range of products offered under the brand GlareOne, we constantly test new products and introduce only those that meet our expectations in terms of quality and price.


Knowing the quality of our products, we can offer our customers a 36-month warranty. Such a unique warranty period is the result of the selection of appropriate materials and production control process, which we improve from month to month.


If you are interested in commercial cooperation, we invite you to contact us!

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