Spotlight PRO

GlareOne Spotlight PRO – optical spotlights

GlareOne Spotlight PRO 20° or 40° are professional optical spotlights designed to work with LED lamps with a maximum power of 300 watts or flash lamps up to 1000 Ws. They feature built-in lenses with a beam angle of 20 or 40 degrees, as well as shutters to shape the light beam. Equipped with a set of 5 color filters, 16 effect masks (gobos), and a carrying bag.


The housing of the spotlights is constructed of aluminum and plastic resistant to both high temperatures and mechanical damage. When designing the Spotlight PRO, emphasis was placed on the solidity, durability of the construction, and safety of work. An integral part of the spotlights is the housing cover, which serves as a lens chamber fixture and has direct contact with the lamp, so it can heat up significantly during operation. The frame of the shutters and the collar in which the lens is mounted are made of plastic resistant to high temperatures and, thanks to low thermal conductivity, allow for easy work with shutters and masks. Thanks to this, Spotlight PRO can be used with LED lamps up to 300 watts or flash lamps up to 1000 Ws.


The Spotlight PRO is characterized by a lens with high brightness and transmission. Moreover, it concentrates the light coming from the lamp, increasing its intensity almost tenfold, allowing for an extremely powerful beam of light with very sharply defined edges. In combination with shutters and masks, this provides huge possibilities for controlling where and how the light falls.

The Spotlight PRO lens is optimized to minimize chromatic aberration, eliminating potential color distortions. The minimum focusing distance is 120 cm, making the Spotlight PRO perfect not only for portrait or fashion photography but also suitable for product photography. The front lens holder is equipped with a jaw clamp for mounting the included filter holder.


An integral part of the Spotlight PRO spotlights are four adjustable shutters. With their help, you can shape the light beam coming out of the lens, allowing for precise lighting of selected objects during photo shoots or filming. Shutters can be used in conjunction with gobo masks and color filters.


Spotlight PRO has a special drawer for effect masks, also known as “gobos.” Masks allow you to simulate effects such as light passing through window blinds or displaying various patterns and shapes. Included with the spotlight are up to 16 different masks that can be used simultaneously with shutters and color filters. The Spotlight PRO uses a standard size M gobo with a 66 mm disc diameter.


In the Spotlight PRO bag, you will find 5 color filters, as well as a specially designed holder that allows them to be mounted on the front of the lens. This practical solution allows for the free use of filters simultaneously with shutters and gobo masks.

Features of GlareOne Spotlight PRO spotlights:

  • Can be used with LED lamps up to a maximum of 300 W or flash lamps up to 1000 Ws
  • Equipped with a high-quality lens with high brightness f/1.8.
  • The minimum focusing distance is only 120 cm.
  • Equipped with four shutters allowing precise shaping of the light beam.
  • Supplied with 16 gobo masks with holder.
  • Equipped with 5 color filters and a holder for mounting them.
  • Have a mount for lamps with a Bowens-type bayonet.
  • The set includes a handy carrying bag.
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