GlareOne Vega – studio flash

Compact, 200 or 400 Ws studio flash GlareOne Vega with LED modeling light, Bowens mount for light modifiers, and built-in radio control.

High performance

The maximum power of the lamps is 200 or 400 Ws (J), which guarantees comfortable work in a very wide range of subjects that a photographer can undertake in a photo studio. The lamps are great not only for shooting portraits but can also be used for still life or product photography. Thanks to active cooling and modern construction, the full-power flash charging speed is less than 1 second.


The flash energy adjustment range is up to 6 aperture stops. This means that during portrait shots with shallow depth of field, it is possible to set a low flash power, and when needed, the lamp will be able to generate enough light to use heavily closed apertures for greater depth of field.

Radio control

The GlareOne Vega is equipped with a receiver that communicates with the GlareOne Flash RC transmitter. This allows for remote flash power adjustment without the need to approach the lamp, making work in the studio much easier and more efficient.

LED modeling light

The lamp features a modeling light utilizing a 15 W LED system. This is a modern solution that is more efficient, smaller, more durable, and importantly, safer than widely used halogen bulbs in other lamps. The modeling light in Vega lamps can work in proportional mode, which is linked to the flash energy we set, but it can also be permanently set to full power or turned off.

Ease of use

The rear panel is equipped with a clear, illuminated LCD screen that displays the most important operating parameters, and the control itself is intuitive and very easy to master. Changing flash energy settings or modeling light modes is done using a dial and only two buttons. All this makes it very quick to learn how to operate the lamp.

Light modifiers

GlareOne Vega series lamps are equipped with a Bowens-type mount, which allows for the use of an extremely wide range of light modification accessories. You can use softboxes of various sizes and shapes, reflectors, snoots, barn doors, and Beauty-dish type attachments. Additionally, thanks to the integrated stand mounting, Vega can also be used with umbrellas.


The housing is made of high-quality plastic, which makes Vega lamps characterized by a low weight. Additionally, the modern design and the use of LED modeling light technology allowed the components to be enclosed in a small-sized body. The low weight and small dimensions make the lamp not only convenient to transport but also easy to store.

Features of GlareOne Vega lamps

  • Easy-to-use and versatile studio flashes with power of 200 or 400 Ws.
  • Lightweight, extremely compact, and easy to transport.
  • Stable color temperature (5500±200K) throughout the flash energy adjustment range.
  • Possibility to change power within a range of 6 aperture stops (1/1~1/32).
  • Very short charging time – only 0.9 s at full power.
  • Equipped with a 15 W LED modeling light (equivalent to approx. 150 W halogen lamp).
  • Equipped with Bowens-type light modifier mount.
  • Built-in radio receiver compatible with GlareOne Flash RC transmitter (available separately).
  • Can be assigned to one of 16 lamp groups in 32 communication channels.
  • Equipped with a photocell and standard 3.5 mm sync socket.
  • Efficient active cooling system and thermal fuse.
  • Integrated stand mounting with umbrella holder.
  • Ergonomically designed handle allowing angle adjustment.
  • Supplied with power cord, protective cover, and user manual.
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