Antares 600

GlareOne Antares 600 – studio flash

Professional grade 600Ws studio flash equipped with LED modeling light, 6 F-stop of power output adjustment, strong and solid housing, Bowens mount and integrated wireless control and triggering.


Antares 600 is a highly efficient studio flash that is ideal for professional applications. Its high power, solid output stability and short charging time mean that even long and demanding photoshoots will run smoothly.


The range of flash energy output adjustment covers 6 F-stops. You can easily adjust the flash power to light your subject with a precisely set amount of light and use the wide aperture setting of your lens to get a shallow depth of field. At the same time, you can also use closed down aperture when the large depth of field is crucial. The output scale has 60 steps of 0.1 F-stop increments, thus you can adjust the power precisely as you wish.

Radio control

The Antares 600 is equipped with a receiver that communicates directly with the GlareOne Flash transmitter. There is no need to attach any additional dongles or cables.  You can set the flash energy output remotely on your transmitter connected to your camera. When the shutter button is pressed the camera automatically triggers the flash, making your work is smooth and efficient.

LED Pilot Light

The flash is equipped with a LED pilot light with a maximum power of 25W. This is a modern solution that is more efficient, smaller, more durable – and what’s most important – safer than the widely used halogen bulbs. Antares pilot light can work in proportional mode, which is related to the flash energy that we set, but it can also be permanently set on full power, or completely off.


The rear panel is equipped with a clear and bright LCD screen that displays the most important parameters. Basic operation is intuitive and very easy to learn. Changing the flash energy settings or the pilot light operating mode are done using a knob and only a few buttons. All this means that you can learn how to use the lamp very quickly.

Light modifiers

Antares 600 is equipped with a Bowens-type mount, which allows you to use an extremely wide range of accessories and light-shaping tools. You can use softboxes of different sizes and shapes, reflectors, snoots, barndoors, and many other attachments. Moreover, you can also use Antares 600 together with any umbrella size you want thanks to the integrated umbrella holder.

Durable and well-designed

All parts of the housing that are crucial for the longevity and overall durability of the strobe are made of metal. The light modifier locking lever is large and easy to disengage when needed. The grip of the flash is ergonomically designed to give you a good feeling during the photoshoot. LCD screen is not only large but also easily readable from any angle. Something that can prove useful when the strobe is placed on a boom or fixed to a ceiling mount high over your head.

GlareOne Antares 600 features:

  • AC powered professional grade 600Ws studio flash
  • Durable and solid all-metal stand mount and housing design
  • Source of high-quality daylight balanced light (5500±200K) throughout the entire power range
  • Flexible and precise output adjustment within the range of 6 f-stops (60 steps in 0.1 increments)
  • Fast recycle times of approx. 0.9s on full power
  • Features 25W LED modeling light
  • Fitted with Bowens mount for a wide variety of light shaping accessories
  • Can be wirelessly controlled via additional GlareOne remotes
  • Up to 32 radio channels and 16 groups available in wireless control
  • May be triggered via optical slave or standard 3.5mm sync cable
  • Equipped with active cooling system and automatic overheating protection
  • Built-in tilt head with integrated umbrella holder
  • Comfortable grip handle for easy tilt adjustment and carry around
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