LED Tubes&Panel

LED Tubes & Panel

LED Tubes & Panel

LED light swords and panels are practical lamps that allow you to adjust the light color in the RGB range (with 360 shades), regulate the color temperature, and provide high-quality color reproduction (CRI >96, TLCI >98). This is ideal lighting for creating vlogs, conducting video broadcasts, or photography.

GlareOne offers light swords with powers of 8 or 24 W (LED Tube 8/24 RGB) and a light panel with a power of 10 W (LED Panel 10 RGB).

Ease of use

GlareOne light swords and panels are constant light lamps, which makes them highly versatile for practical applications. There is no need to use additional, often expensive light meters to precisely adjust exposure parameters. In the case of GlareOne LED Tube 8 and 24 RGB and LED Panel 10 RGB, the camera automatically measures the light and adjusts the exposure. The process of framing and building lighting is extremely simple because we can see what will be in the photo before pressing the shutter release.


The possibilities of using light swords and panels are practically unlimited, and their great advantage is the option of quickly adapting to different types of photography. We can use them for striking portrait lighting, and then adjust them in moments for product photography or macro photography.

Both the LED Tube and LED Panel are equipped with two threads for mounting on stands, making them ideal tools for more advanced tasks, such as conducting interviews.

The panel is also equipped with a cold shoe mounting foot, allowing it to be directly attached to a video camera or camera, enabling the filming of moving scenes.

Faithfully rendered colors

GlareOne light swords and panels generate light that accurately reproduces colors. Their CRI (Color Rendering Index) is as high as 96, making the lamps suitable for a wide range of applications. They work great in situations where color accuracy is crucial for the quality of visual material. This is particularly important when photographing and filming people, where faithful reproduction of skin tones is extremely important.

RGB colors

The lamps use colored LEDs, which allow for obtaining up to 360 shades in the RGB scale. This gives us huge possibilities for choosing colors and adjusting saturation. The color selection is done in the HSI model, allowing for precise adjustment of the required light color along with its saturation and brightness.

Adjustable color temperature

RGB LEDs also allow comfortable and smooth adjustment of the color temperature in the range of:

  • LED Panel 10 RGB: from 2700 to 10,000 K
  • LED Tube 8 RGB: from 2000 to 10,000 K
  • LED Tube 24 RGB: from 2000 to 7500 K

These ranges allow for simulating the warm glow of a candle or adjusting the lighting to existing lighting conditions, such as sunlight.

Power supply

GlareOne LED Tube 8 and 24 RGB and LED Panel 10 RGB have the option of powering from two sources – through a power outlet, using the supplied power adapter, or using the built-in battery (light panel) or included battery (light swords). This flexibility in choosing the power source makes the lamps extremely useful and versatile. They can be easily mounted on a tall tripod or used in places where access to mains power is limited. This makes the lamps suitable for both photography and filming in various conditions.

Lighting effects

The lamp features 10 (light panel) or 20 (light swords) different lighting effects, allowing for example, simulating light emanating from a damaged fluorescent lamp, fire, lightning, flash effects, or TV screen.

Features of GlareOne LED TUBE 8 and 24 RGB and LED Panel 10 RGB:

  • easy to use and versatile lamp for photography and filming,
  • 360 light colors from the RGB range (HSI),
  • possibility of adjusting color saturation,
  • variable color temperature,
  • high color reproduction parameters (CRI >96),
  • smooth, stepless brightness adjustment,
  • passive (silent) cooling system,
  • equipped with tripod mount with 1/4”-20 thread,
  • have a built-in diffuser.
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