LED lamps with Bowens mount

LED lamps with Bowens mount

LED Lights with Bowens mount

Studio continuous LED lamps characterized by very good color rendition, adjustable color temperature, high efficiency and brightness, and Bowens-type light modifier mount.

GlareOne offers lamps with powers of 80, 100, 120, 160, and 300 W.


Thanks to the Bowens-type mount, LED lamps are ready to work with a wide range of light modifiers available on the market, both produced by GlareOne and by various other reputable brands. The lamps can be used with various types of softboxes, grids, barn doors, Fresnel-type modifiers, lenses, and many other accessories.

Light color

The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) for LED lamps exceeds 98, and the CRI (Color Rendering Index) is over 96. This guarantees that the lamps are perfect for illuminating both film sets and photo sessions, providing accurate color reproduction.

Flexibility of the LED lamps

GlareOne LED lamps are equipped with a COB LED system.

GlareOne LED 80, 120, 160, adn 300 BiColor D lamps have the ability to adjust the color temperature from 2700 K to 6500 K. This provides considerable flexibility when working with different light sources, whether natural or artificial.

GlareOne LED 1000 is equipped with an LED diode matrix consisting of 143 SMD modules, which are arranged inside the Bowens mount for light modifier attachment. Thanks to them, the lamp is able to produce light that matches the color temperature of daylight, which is 5500 Kelvin. The lamp can be easily used together with daylight coming from windows, both in home and studio conditions.


GlareOne LED lamps stand out for their significant power and high brightness of the generated light. The offer includes lamps with powers of 80, 100, 120, 160, and 300 W. They are able to deliver an intense light output, allowing for flexible adjustment and manipulation of light to achieve desired effects on the set.

Lighting effects

The lamps feature 9 different lighting effects, allowing for the simulation of various light sources such as a damaged fluorescent lamp, artificial fires, lightning, flashes, or TV screen effects. These effects can be useful for individuals intending to use LED lamps for work on a film set.

Wireless power supply – LED lamps BiColor D

The GlareOne LED 80, 120, 160, and 300 BiColor D lamps have two power supply options. They can be connected to a power outlet using the supplied power cable or powered by NP-F type batteries (LED 80) or V-mount batteries (LED 120, 160, and 300) using a separate GlareOne adapter.

Features of LED lamps with Bowens mount:

  • Compact and sturdy housing.
  • High efficiency and brightness.
  • Very good color rendition (CRI >96, TLCI >98).
  • Brightness adjustment from 0 to 100% power.
  • Bowens-type light modifier mount.
  • 9 lighting modes simulating, among others, lightning, TV screen, damaged fluorescent lamp.
  • Integrated umbrella holder.
  • Ergonomically designed handle facilitating tilt angle adjustment.
  • Quiet and efficient active cooling system.
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