Halo LED Panels

Halo LED Panels

Halo LED Panels

Round LED panels that emit constant light with a power of 35, 70, or 110 W. They stand out for their adjustable color temperature, allowing for imitation of both cold and warm light. The panels provide excellent color reproduction (TLCI >98), making them ideal for photo and video sessions where faithful color rendition is crucial – for example, during portrait or product shoots.

LED Halo Panels provide lighting both in the studio and outdoors. A major advantage of the panels is the absence of flickering, making them suitable for studio recordings, vlogs, or interviews. The panels allow recording even at 400 frames per second. The lamps come with a built-in mounting for a studio tripod with a 5/8-inch diameter. A remote control is included in the set for convenient operation.

Soft light above all

The design of LED Halo Panels allows for soft and visually pleasing lighting. The built-in diffuser effectively diffuses light, and its large surface makes it softer than in regular rectangular panels. Additionally, the round shape of the LED Halo Panels makes the reflection in the eyes of the photographed or filmed person look natural.

Color above all

The TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) for this model exceeds >98, and the CRI (Color Rendering Index) is over 95, regardless of the set color temperature. This makes the lamp perfect for illuminating photo sets during filming and photography, providing faithful color reproduction.


GlareOne Halo LED lamps are equipped with an LED system that allows for adjusting the color temperature. This provides flexibility when working with different light sources, whether natural or artificial.


Halo LED lighting panels are ideal for illuminating photo sets, even when filming at maximum speed of 400 frames per second, without the risk of flickering.

Quiet operation

The lamp uses a silent passive cooling system, meaning that there is complete silence on the set during sound recording.

Remote control

The device has a built-in radio receiver compatible with the remote control included in the set. It allows for changing the color temperature, brightness, and setting the channel and group.

Wireless power supply

GlareOne Halo LED Panel 35, 70, and 110 BiColor D lamps can be powered in two ways – via a power outlet using the included power adapter or with NP-F type batteries (Halo LED Panel 35 W) or V-mount batteries (Halo LED Panel 70 and 110 W).


Key elements such as the tripod mount, frame, and housing are made of aluminum or steel, ensuring durability and comfortable work. Other parts, such as the control panel and control knobs, are made of high-quality durable plastic.

Features of GlareOne Halo LED Panels:

  • compact and sturdy housing,
  • variable color temperature,
  • power of 35, 70, or 110 W,
  • very good color rendering (CRI >95, TLCI >98),
  • possibility of powering with NP-F or V-mount batteries (depending on the model),
  • brightness adjustment from 1 to 100% power,
  • no flickering even up to 400 fps,
  • remote control with the included remote control,
  • supplied with a power adapter, case, and remote control.
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