GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO
GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO
GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO
GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO
GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO
GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO

GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO

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GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO


Deep hexagonal softbox with double diffuser, Easy Fold II quick release mechanism and carrying case.


Thanks to its characteristic, very deep profile it has the ability to direct the light from the lamp much more accurately than its shallow counterparts. If used without diffusers it will work as a large, directional canopy, and after their installation will provide a soft, very pleasant light.


Its shape does not result from the designer's madness but from the fact that the softbox reflecting in the eyes of a photographed or filmed person gives a very natural reflection. Using a design with 16 walls gives an almost circular reflection and this is the reason why you should use this type of design.

Easy to use and handy

The Hexa Softbox is built on the basis of the Easy Fold II frame which enables quick and easy folding and unfolding. It is also equipped with a Velcro fastener which allows the use of a honeycomb grid, which is useful when you need to control the light on set with great precision. Included carrying case makes it easy to transport and store.


The softbox cover is made of very lightweight yet durable 300D ripstop nylon. The use of rip-stop weave makes the material more resistant to tearing while maintaining a relatively low weight. The diffusers are made of the same material with lower density (190D). The reflective screen is laminated to the cover material, which gives long life and reduces light transmission. All materials are selected to maintain color neutrality so that the softbox does not adversely affect the quality of light from the lamp. The mounting ring and Easy Fold II mechanism is made of anodized aluminum, while the frame rods are steel.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for portrait lighting
  • Can be used as a deep canopy or softbox
  • It is very easy and quick to set up
  • It has a double, detachable diffuser
  • Can be retrofitted with a honeycomb grid
  • It has a deep (parabolic) profile
  • It is made of high quality materials 
  • Comes in a handy carrying case

Technical specification:


GlareOne Softbox Hexa 120 PRO




Light modifier



Reflective screen

Silver, laminated


White, double, detachable

Frame type

Quick folding Easy Fold II

Frame material

Steel, aluminum

Material of the cover and diffuser

300D Ripstop Nylon, 190D Ripstop Nylon



Space for grid


Diameter when unfolded (cm)


Depth (cm)


Bow length (cm)


Length after folding (cm)





Available separately

Weight (g)


Specifications in the table above are for reference only. Actual dimensions may vary slightly.

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