GlareOne Boom Arm 135 cm
GlareOne Boom Arm 135 cm

GlareOne Boom Arm 135 cm

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GlareOne Boom Arm 135 cm


Boom arm with a maximum length of 142 cm, designed to mount lighting above the photographed object. The included reel-type handle allows you to adjust the angle of inclination in the range of 180°.
The load capacity of 1.5kg allows you to mount lightweight lamps (e.g. incandescent bulbs) above your subject.
The arm is finished with a 16mm mandrel with 1/4" thread. A textile bag is included in the set. After filling the bag with sand it serves as a counterweight for the lamp.


  • indispensable in studio work
  • made of high class, light and resistant to mechanical damages aluminium
  • works fantastically well in cooperation with shadowless tables, lighting fixtures, flashes
  • low weight and compact size after folding make the GlareOne arm a trouble-free companion even on long journeys
  • equipped with a standard 16 mm pan head with ¼" thread


  • number of sections: 2
  • section diameters: 25mm, 22mm
  • Maximum width: 142cm
  • minimum width: 78cm
  • size after folding: 80cm
  • weight: 0.7kg
  • load capacity: 1.5kg
  • attachment of accessories: 16 mm pin with ¼ inch thread

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