GlareOne Background Support System -...
GlareOne Background Support System -...
GlareOne Background Support System -...
GlareOne Background Support System -...

GlareOne Background Support System - set for 4 background

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GlareOne Background Support System - set for 4 background


Chain fastening system for backgrounds to be mounted on walls or ceilings. System dedicated for backgrounds rolled up on cardboard or aluminum sleeves with diameter from 4,5cm to 6,5cm.

Presented hanging kit is dedicated for 4 backgrounds. Each background should be wound on a cardboard or aluminum sleeve with the required diameter. Expanders are used for mounting the backdrops on the system.

Expanders are screwed inside the background sleeve and their diameter is increased until they lock in the sleeve.

Expanders form a set of fasteners for hooks - the left expander allows you to adjust the width to the already hung hooks in the range + /-5 cm. On the right expander we attach the chain to adjust the length of the background.

The backgrounds with expanders prepared in this way are put on the hooks / mounting holders, previously fixed to the wall or ceiling. On the gearwheel in the right expander attach the included adjusting chain with a weight to ensure its correct position during work. In case of difficult access to the backgrounds mounted on the brackets, the chain can be attached before mounting the background on the bracket.

Properly attached backdrops with chains allow you to raise and lower selected backdrops to the desired positions.

Things to remember before installing the system:

  • correct planning of the spacing of the mounted brackets / hooks on the wall / ceiling - it must be about 3cm to 8cm wider than the sleeve with the winded background - the left expander helps to compensate for the difference of 5cm in width between the background with expanders and the wall bracket
  • Correct positioning of the left and right expanders. So that only on one side, e.g. right there are expanders with chain adjustment and on the opposite side there are mounting expanders with width adjustment +/- 5cm.

Suggested assembly order:

  1. Correct installation of the expander in the background sleeve, together with the installation of the chain and the weight - so that the beginning and the end of the expander part is inside the sleeve
  2. Measure the width of the properly fastened expanders in the background sleeve
  3. Mounting hooks / holders on the wall or ceiling in the distance between holders equal to the width of the background with expanders + 4cm
  4. Installation of the background set with sleeve and expander on the handle / hook on the right side
  5. Putting the background set with sleeve and expander on the holder / hook on the left side, compensating for the existing difference by adjusting the width on the left expander.

Comes with:

  • 2 x metal wall mounting brackets for 4 expanders each
  • Mounting pins for the brackets
  • 4 pairs of expanders for attaching sleeves to backgrounds: left and right expander, chain, weight


  • Mounting 1-4 backgrounds
  • Ceiling or wall mount
  • Colored adjustment chains to easily distinguish between adjustable backgrounds 
  • Any width backdrops
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Background sleeves to fit expanders from 4.5cm to 6.5cm

Information: the colors of the chains in GlareOne Background Support System may differ depending on the production batch.

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